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Profitable intra-day Trading System example. Anyone interested in collaborating?

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  • Profitable intra-day Trading System example. Anyone interested in collaborating?

    I've been using eSignal for many years and back tested hundreds of systems during that time. My trading results despite these efforts are still a WIP. For those of you trying to earn a living developing a profitable system I'm certain understand the difficulty, frustration and for lack of a better term, pain involved in this process.

    esignal_JasonK worked for eSignal years ago and there was never a more generous and talented person who provided forum members invaluable assistance. The assistance he provided included some of the finest coding I've ever seen several of which are provided in the Formulas/Back Testing Examples folder.

    In an attempt to help those like myself trying to make a living trading I would strongly encourage traders to back test these systems using daily or in these volatile times intra-day data in whatever markets you trade.

    I've tested several on NQ, VXX, GBP, and CL perhaps we could also share the results and even connect during trading hours while trading. These days with Skype, Zoom, webex, google hangout etc., its easy to exchange messages real time, share screens etc. It would be nice to get a trading group together to jointly trade/watch markets and each others backs while trading.

    Keep in mind these are back tested results and also the extreme volatility of today's markets lend themselves to break out/trend following systems.

    I've been testing Jason's and also Alexis's strategies, (Linear Regression, etc) who has posted many over the years and is another amazingly generous and world class developer).

    If anyone is interested in collaborating on improving the code to smooth out the equity curves let me know I will share the updates I made to some of Jason's to allow parameter selection for the hard coded constants.

    I am working on converting his code to run real time using the broker functions to enable automated trading another area of possible collaboration.
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    Glen Demarco