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  • New EFS Optimizer function


    I have requested to Esignal that an EFS optimizer is needed that would find the optimized value in settings for a given EFS. This would eliminate backtesting individual settings on an indicator that could take hours if not days. It would optimize the settings for best overall result for any given indicator.

    E-Signal responded" The Optimizer has been tasked meaning that development hours have been scoped, but because more pressing request have been made it's been placed in backlog.

    Most enhancement request are scheduled based on user request. I would encourage you, Massimo and anyone else you can muster to make your request know about how important this feature is to you via the Request a Feature function in eSignal. This way the developers can gauge how important the feature is and schedule accordingly.

    eSignal Support"

    So if more people will request this "EFS Optimizer" feature via request a new feature on the platform, then the work on this project will be moved up in priority.
    Wouldn't you all like a EFS Optimizer function?

    Please request this for the sake of all interested.



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    This would save time in analizing new markets,
    but there are other things efficient for this too
    and they should be better integreted too: scanner (dashboard lists, scan lists for options analytix, market screener plus ) and make them capable to analyze all markets and instruments...
    we gave them time and we will see, i hop