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Highly recommend Steve Hare's Library for degugging and...

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  • Highly recommend Steve Hare's Library for degugging and...

    Debugging code with a full screen debugger is challenging enough; debugging without one for me anyway is extremely diffficult..

    Steve Hare's library of tools which he has generously made available to this comminity goes a long way toward making that debugging process significantly easier and much more efficient.

    I spent all day yesterday debugging a problem I was having and simply would not have been able to resolve the problem without his Trace and Time and Date utilities.

    They are easy to use,extremely well documented, and nothing short of brilliantly designed and implemented and well worth the 10 minutes it takes to get up and running.

    I only used two of the utilities and based on my experence will definately use the others, especially the Pivot utility.

    For what it's worth, before becoming an independent (struggling) trader. I worked in IT and and then on trading desks at several well known firms on Wall Street for alot of years, and just wanted to make people aware that IMHO the level of expertise and assistance provided by Steve, Alexis and Jason is beyond extraordinary, they are the best of the best.

    The help they are generously providing all of us, you simply cannot get anywhere, at any price ..and I am grateful for all their help, and think it helpful that people are aware of this, again IMHO.

    The fileshare containing the library utilities can be found in folder EFS2 Libraries here:
    Glen Demarco
    [email protected]

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    Agree 100%

    I agree 100% about the quality of service

    Steve, Alexis and Jason provide,

    thanks a lot



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      Hi, do you still have the debugging script? I can't seem to find it on the fileshare.


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        Hi ewdeg98,

        Sorry for the delay.

        I may have it archived somewhere but it's been so long I don't recall the name.

        Do you have any idea what it was called?

        I haven't had much luck with the new debugger which should have all of Steve's functionality and then some.

        Glen Demarco
        [email protected]