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  • Symbol Function Help

    i am working on an EFS however i am unable to find the function or code for tick point. For example :

    getTickMin() is tick value

    ie brent 0.01
    Gasoil 0.25

    this is correct
    however, contract or point size is different
    brent is 1000
    and gasoil is100.

    is there function for this or do i need to input every commodity unit size indiviually via a loop?

    im very sure the code exists somewhere as in the new eSignal you can select a column called point size.

    please help.

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    Ive been cracking on with EFS Esignal. And so far so good, however I need to know the function for TickValue

    For example,

    Brent is 1000
    Gasoil is 100

    You can brings these up in Esignal as Point Value in a column

    However what is the EFS code for this.

    I have tried to use getTickMin() but this is the tick value ie
    Brent 0.01
    Gasoil 0.25

    Please Help, would really appreciate your input.


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      What is the EFS javacode for Point Value from Market Screener. getTickMin() is the tick Value, but not the point value, would really appreciate any help.