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Love the new EFS Automation - Thanks eSignal

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  • Love the new EFS Automation - Thanks eSignal

    I absolutely love the new EFS Order Automation features. It took me only a few hours to have my first draft EFS script fully automated (market orders) and verifying positions properly. Over the past few days, I have expanded on all the component level features to include advance order handling (including support for Limit and Ask/Bid order functions), dual verification of transactions, Transaction tracking and more.

    This is what EFS developers like myself have been drooling for. If anyone has any questions about advanced use with this new EFS automation and how to deploy it, I will be happy to help (if I can).

    Again, so happy to finally have this feature built into signal. Congrats Dev Team. LOVE IT!!

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    Where did you find the documentation to start automated trading?


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      Hello edgeg98,

      All the documentation for EFS-AT is located in the link Here
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