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IB Broker Questions with UVXY

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  • IB Broker Questions with UVXY

    I have developed an automated solution that I'm testing with an eSignal client. The EFS script runs well with other symbols (NUGT, SPY and others), but generates this odd issue with UVXY when trying to issue SHORT LIMIT/MARKET orders. The first issue with this symbol was that the symbol mapping was incorrect and I had to delete the symbol, then add it back to the symbol mapping. I used the Automatic Lookup feature to accomplish this. The issue now is that LONG (Buy) orders work fine and CLOSE ALL orders work fine, but SHORT ENTRY orders are not filling and IB appears to be doing something funky with this one symbol. I'm curious why this is happening and how to fix it?

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    Bump. Any assistance would be great.


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      UVXY will not execute a SELL SHORT market order to the IB account using the Trade Manager to manually fire the order. It will fire and complete a BUY MARKET and CLOSE ALL (after BUY MARKET). But for some reason I can't figure out why it won't execute a SELL SHORT MARKET order? Any help??


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        I tested it in IB and IB has the same issue. So this must be some restriction in shorting UVXY. All solved (at least for now).