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  • EFS Automation Project Update

    As of today, we have completely tested the capabilities of the new EFS Automation (IB) project and have achieved a level of success and satisfaction that will allow us to move to live trading within a few days. I call these automation solutions "robots". The completed project includes the following :

    Single Symbol Mode :
    _ Syncs with existing open positions and manages the open position properly.
    _ Active Stop, Target and Reversal triggers (user selected).
    _ Support for Market, Limit & Ask/Bid Order handling types (for entries) with Order Offset values and multi stage entry handling features.
    _ Entry order failure process and retry features.
    _ Filled order second stage verification process.
    _ Capable of executing orders to any available account.

    Multi-Symbol Mode : allows the user to run the same robot, setup differently on the same symbol, into one account.
    For example, a set of 5 charts (1, 2, 3, 5, 10 min) all setup with the same robot code (different settings) and all firing into ONE ACCOUNT.
    _ All of the above features are available in this Multi-symbol mode except the first, Syncing with existing open positions.

    It has take a bit of debugging and testing to learn the capabilities of the EFS Automation and broker functions. Overall, I'm very satisfied with what eSignal has provided in terms of EFS automation to IB. I'm certain I will be doing more of these projects for clients. I'm also certain I will find things that can be improved upon.

    Congrats again eSignal Developers! Being able to take a raw "backtest EFS" and turn it into this level of automation in under 30 days (tested and ready to go live) is impressive.