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  • EFS Advanced Automation Projects - LOVE IT!

    I thought I would update the eSignal development team with some interesting and cool news. Over the past month+, I have made a number of advancements in EFS automation scripts for my clients. Right now, I have two clients that are developing fully automated solutions (EFS scripts) and they both have unique needs. Without going into detail regarding their systems or designs, I did want to share some of the advancements we have been able to develop with the new EFS automation so others can learn the capabilities available within the eSignal EFS language.

    Client A : After completing the initial development of full automation (allowing a single "robot" to run and manage a single symbol on it's own 24/7 as well as developing a special "robot" version where multiple robots can run on different intervals trading the same symbol), this client asked me to develop a special type of "entry legging" that provides him the ability to enter at multiple stages throughout an entry trigger. In other words, instead of just "buying 50 XYZ shares" on an entry trigger, we have now developed a more advanced entry order structure with multiple leg (entry orders). We are now able to qualify and quantify multiple entry legs based on a process to compare the original leg (base leg). It operates like this :

    _ Base leg fires orders
    _ Base leg fills (if not filled, then retry order)
    _ Once filled, verify fill data and process stop/target orders
    _ Verify entry order is complete and robot/broker are in SYNC
    _ Setup and check for additional leg entries based on Adv Entry Criteria. If new leg fires, we repeat this process and allow additional legs to fire if allowed.

    This process is a thing of beauty to watch. Imagine starting with 1 or 2 contracts of the NQ for the first leg, then watching this logic populate 3~10+ additional entry legs, fill them, cancel and readjust the stop/target quantities and run the trade out in real-time. Reversal orders are perfect with the new EFS automation features. The robot simply interrupts the existing legging process, cancels any pending orders and forces the robot to a FLAT position, then starts the entry process as if it was never in a trade to begin with. PERFECT!! LOVE IT!

    Client B : After building an "alpha stage" automation for this client based on his custom EFS script, the client continued with little issues for me to address for about 3 weeks. This automation solution runs what I call "feeder/reader" solutions where trading data is compiled from three different eSignal charts to make trading decisions. Nothing too serious - I've done this type of stuff before. The fun part of all of this was left for the last major update. I was just helping him clean up the code and structure things the way he wanted for future deployment. Then he requested "equity allocation handlers" to allow him to dynamically manage and deploy his trading capital across multiple robots. I developed a dynamic solution for this equity allocation feature that allowed the client to deploy and manage his trading account across all robots (he's running about 20+ of them at the moment) and allow each robot to pull, manage and deploy unique sets of capital from the pooled account. We also added some advanced logging files for the client to review trading/equity allocation functions.

    Just recently, within the last few days, this client came at me with a major rewrite - Advanced Biasing Logic Control. This is where the "feeder/reader" solution is developed into a more logical "orderly" method of executing trades using a feature I call "Biasing". In order to accomplish this task, I had to standardize/normalize a number of variables so that the biasing control could operate from a simple set of logical functions (used a lot of eval functions) and develop new order handling processes that took over from existing processes. It took me about 2 days to convert the code and get it ready, but after just a few minor bugs and testing, it started working without any issues. Feeders/Readers were all running perfectly, Biasing features were perfect and as of today, the client is telling me "everything is running perfectly".

    A little background, I've done all of this type of stuff in eSignal EFS script many time before this - just not with the new EFS automation features. The ability to be able to take these advanced features and deploy the with the new EFS Automation features is fantastic. This is what I have been dreaming of with eSignal for many years. Congrats again eSignal developers! EFS developers can now build just about any type of automated trading system they desire and build out expanded/advanced solutions eSignal allows.


    Looking forward to my next automation project : 5+ feeders/biasing tools, each capable of generating multiple biasing levels and entry triggers, feeding one main trading system (which is actually three trading systems combined into one EFS). All of these feeders allow the user to select and control the operation/actions of the trading system by setting up criteria and control parameters that are passed back to the main EFS trading system. This main EFS script processes any available feeder data (if needed) and makes trading decisions to run the trading system.

    Once this is fully automated and I get past the initial testing, the sky is literally the limit for this project. Given the number and diversity of feeders we have, as well as the fact that each unique feeder can be used exclusively as a trade triggering system if needed, we have the capability of developing 3 or more individual fully automated trading solutions from this one project. All of these could be trading separate symbols or the same symbols.

    This EFS automation stuff just got really interesting to me. As long as I can keep pushing the envelope with it, I'm happy. Way to go eSignal developers. I hope I'm able to keep giving you feedback and pushing the envelop. So far, my only gripe is the Orders tab in the account manager does not appear to respond well to active orders. When you use the SORT or FILTER features, new orders don't always appear in the filtered/sorted lists (even though they are live orders). One other feature that would be great for people running multiple trading systems would be to create a General System ID that could be associated with orders. This way, when we are running 15+ trading systems and want to see what system ABC is doing, we could filter out only those trade from system ABC. But these are just suggestions for future releases.

    Great work again. I hope these success' make your team proud of their accomplishments. I'm having a blast doing all this work and making things trade with EFS.

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    Hey Brad it has been about 8 years happy to see you are still at it!

    All the best.

    Glen Demarco


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      Hello, could you please get on touch bmatheny as i would like your assistance