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EFS Auto Trades not sent when "EFS Trading is Enabled" is displayed.

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  • EFS Auto Trades not sent when "EFS Trading is Enabled" is displayed.

    Automatic trades not sent although banner on bottom of charts indicates Auto trading is enabled.

    Normally when the EFS button in Chart Title is clicked on and green the red font would toggle on and off indicating when auto trading is enabled.

    In this case the EFS button is not green and the banner on the bottom indicates auto trading is enables which is not true.

    This is a problem for those of us that rely on the Red Banner to indicate when auto trading is enabled.

    If the EFS button is not green then they red banner should not appear as it's inconsistent as one of indications are erroneous.

    The problem is compounded by the fact that in R14 I noticed (it may be a setting I'm unaware of) that the title page and trade buttons are not active until the "click" button is pressed somewhere in the chart. Which means the EFS (green title button) is not even visible so the only indication of auto trading being enabled is the red banner message on the bottom.

    If anyone knows a way to prevent having to click somewhere in the chart to activate the title and trade buttons please let me know. After many years of a single click on a Buy or Sell trade resulting in a trade having the behavior changed now requiring the user to first "click" once on the chart is an issue.

    Thank you.


    Click image for larger version  Name:	AutoTradeBug.JPG Views:	0 Size:	70.4 KB ID:	268634
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    Glen Demarco
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