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onPositionUpdate callback not functioning

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  • onPositionUpdate callback not functioning

    I had a fully functioning trading platform, incorporating the EFS Automated trading script, that I had been using for years but had stepped away from it for the last year or so. I have just fired the platform back up and the onPositionUpdate callback is not triggering as the position state changes. The other callbacks seem to be functioning properly (ie account state, connection state etc) and I can pass orders without problem. So now I am testing it using the original EFSAT EXAMPLE.efs (to rule out any of my coding) and have tested it on both esignal 12 and the latest version, as well as on two different computers.
    I am trading to Interactive Brokers.
    I'm not sure if anyone else is using this automated trading EFS but am curious to know if anyone else is experiencing the same thing, or not ...that wat I can begin to narrow the problem down.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, even if just to let me know you are not experiencing the same issue.
    Thanks in advance,
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