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EFS-AT Programs disabled on reload

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  • EFS-AT Programs disabled on reload

    Staring with current version (12.4) I noted a ready unfortunate functionality change.
    When I have my efs programs running and I reload them (due to code change for example, or after a disconnection), the efs-at execution is now automatically disabled.
    and the program is blocked from order placement until I press the efs button on the chart to re-enable live trading.

    This is causing me a lot of troubles, as my programs on reload read all positions and current orders ststus and
    appropriately adjust the stops or targets, cancel not needed orders and place new ones

    as trading is now disabled, my programs can no longer detect that we are reloading/reinitializing and can not self fix any existing orders

    this kind of fundamental change of EFS-AT behaviour is very disappointing, as effectively it has disabled all my re-initialization code which
    I was working on in the last 2 years

    I really would like this to be reversed, and would like to have original functionality restored.
    in fact EFS-AT program should have additional statements to allow to turn ON and OFF EFA-AT programmatically and should allow checking if EFS-AT and live trading is allowed

    so may times I have a program which I expect to run and trade live, which is disabled;
    I can not easily find why the orders are ignored;
    I would like to have a way for EFS-AT program to detect that EFS-AT functionality is disabled and enable it when needed from within program
    or just send me a warning or email that this is the problem
    it is difficult to check for null order ids after each order placement
    and when I see null order ids I still have to guess why? - in 99% of cases is just the EFS-AT button which got disbled
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    My understanding is that this issue will be resolved in next release


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      but I got new release and the issue is still here


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        Until recently, I was using an older version of eSignal v12; but now Im using the current v12.5.4266 and I have to agree with AdamS01. Reloading an EFS-AT script that was enabled for auto trading should come back as enabled. What I find odd is that if an entire page is reloaded, which necessarily reloads the individual scripts on the page, the EFS-AT scripts come back enabled if that was their state prior to the pages reloading. So simply reloading a script does not have to disable auto trading.


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          I believe this is a process that will stay in place to prevent unwanted automation issues (for example, systems kicking in and trading when users don't want them auto-trading). It is common in most platforms that you have to enable ONE or TWO enablement switches before any system will begin autotrading. This is to prevent liability issues and issues where new users may not understand the risks of having an autotrading system running.