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  • Everyone is Happy?

    I assume from the lack of comments that everyone is thrilled with version 10 of Advanced GET and making so much money that there is no time to post comments...

    Granted it is not quite a month since release.

    I would be seriously interested in hearing feedback from users of this application; I have read not so good user reviews on other web sites. I am aware the software has won awards in the past, I am not interested in that... I would like to hear what REAL users in REAL trades have to say.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi T,

    I would recommend checking out this Blog.

    These groups of guys use the product every day. On this Blog they show some of their trades and ideas.



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      Thanks Russ, I will enjoy looking through the setups! I appreciate the link.



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        Is everyone happy, well now lets see hmmm

        New product looks great, works consistently and does all it is supposed to so no problems here, it even works well on Vista 64 so five stars

        However, lets do some regression testing,

        the flexible search features found on advanced get end of day version 7 have been dropped from this and previous versions and as such creating ones own special search method that give an edge is no longer possible

        Noting that the good old reliable search process from version 7 was replaced with the scanner, the scanner is wonderfully fast and covers most search requirments but is not flexible enough to create ones own special searchs thus all skills and techniques developed over the years with previous versions in relation to creating search's is essentially lost, bad for us old timers but not noticable to new people

        am I happy, hmm not sure, Ive now got a fantastic product but cant really use it to my advantage based on loosing my search ability (using end of day data, stored locally)

        To fix, Im going to have to build an XP machine to run my version 7 search's and then take the shortlist over to version 10 for followup, this will work but bit messy

        to be happy my wish list would include version 10.x having the ability to create search's based on the old version 7 program, and be able to do this either using esignal online data or offline end of day data, either way is good.


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          I'm hardly an AGET expert and regardless of how much others are making or loosing what I find helpful and you may want to consider trying is whatever market you trade in whatever time period you can easily run a bar replay (or just right arrow your way through the data) using the entry and exit rules for a Type I or II setup and get an close approximation of how it performs? I think what you may find as I'm also exploring is that over time these setups do make money. The blog Russ mentioned is also an unbelievable resource where I ran across information I've not seen anywhere else and I've read all the AGET doc.

          The rest of this post may be off topic somewhat but FWIW, for the past month or I've been preparing my an Advanced Get Web Blog that will be available to anyone interested in AGET and will be hopefully available through a publically accessable website at no cost in a few weeks.

          The objective is to simply help me familiarize myself with AGET and document my experience with an eye toward perhaps assisting others. It will encompass from opening the box to autotrading setups, using an actual trading account.

          Given the sophistication of AGET the learning curve for getting up and trading can be longer then is desirable by some and to the extent possible, this blog will be an "AGET Quick Start" of sorts, focusing on the mechanical aspects of trade entry and exit. For now we are ignoring the theory...rather where do I get in and where go I get out.

          I've been interested in AGET for sometime and agree with your premise that the most important issues for me also is not what reviews, or awards the product recieves (and being rated #1 many yearws running by TAS&C is hardly an insignificant factor) that publication is the gold standard for technical analysis going back several decades).

          That said, what matters to me is simply: can I use AGET to trade successfully, ie., profitably, ie., make more money then I loose on an annual return basis by a wide enough margin above the going riskless rate of return to justify the time, effort, money, etc.

          FWIW on a more personal note, nobody is more skeptical of "trading advice" then I, based on alot of past experience. The botton line for me regarding my interest in AGET was a recommendation I received by Alexis Montenegro in an earlier forum post. I'm not looking to promote AGET and hope Alexis doesn't mind my mentioning this as it was mentioned in public post, but the fact is to me that carried more weight then anything else, consider the source: look at the number of posts (14k+) Alexis has ....donated this community, look also at the body of work: the fileshare, the extensive strategy efss' developed to (I think partially at least ) explore the viability of every trading concept. So when I asked what do you use, and the answer was AGET...that was enough to get me interested, very interested.

          When Alexis mentioned to me that not only is AGET the best he's seen but even some of the AGET "indicators", not at all complete trading "systems" (assuming you consider AGET trade setups "systems."..which I do) like XTL, MOB, Elipsis etc, perform better then the vast majority of "systems" he's run across that carries enough weight with me to at least accept at face value and investigte the product further.

          You and any forum members are more then welcome to participate and or share the workload. What I'm doing now is rather then pull up a sample chart in isolation and go through an individual setup after the fact, I'd like to know ahead of time how the strategy performs historically. I've have some strategy code for a few of the simplier setups, false bar stochastics, XTL breakout etc. and currently testing the code. No sure if this is possible for other setups, time will tell.

          I was curious and would personally feel more comfortable and confident using a given AGET setup if I had some idea of how it performed historically, and thought others might feel the same.

          Having the confidence to stick with a given strategy is essential part of staying with it long enough to weather the inevitable draw down. Knowing how it does historically can help.

          The other reason I wanted AGET EFS strategies developed is that I'm hardly an fan of "optimization" but each market is different and if a 21 period XTL breakout makes 100 percent more profit historically then the default of 35, maybe some would consider it a "curve fitting" taboo to use 21 instead of 35 but seems to make alot of sense.

          Without the code to backtest this parameter or experimenting with different entry criteria (other then 150% of the XTL breakout bars) for example, or profit targets, stops etc. is possible but very time consuming to manually walk through the data. Having a EFS available makes it alot easier.

          So the first part of any introduction to an AGET strategy will hopefully include an historical backtest across however much data is available, with some decent approximations of how the strategy performed historically.

          The problem is I'm not a professional developer and although there are AGET functions available accurately coding the more complex and profitable (Type I & Type II) setups is not a simple undertaking and taking alot longer then I would like.

          BTW, my initial research already confirms what Alexis said, I've already trashed a few of my "pride and joy" best performing strategies that I spent an incredible amount of time developing which are outperformed.

          Again, it's really about learning as much as possible, and anyone is welcome to participate.

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          Glen Demarco


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            Very happy now

            Since my last post where I pointed out some regression issues, Ive just reloaded the programs on the Vista 64 operating system, whilst the programs didnt work very well under the administration or main user account it did work perfectly under a new user account that was created soley for Advanced GET.

            Vista must keep seperate entries per user session as this one works perfectly, what I did was load GET versrion 7, then loaded Version 9 and now the search's, Data Manager for end of day data all work, Im now back to where I need to be

            The search's really fly, new operating system and high spec machine really move the search's along, usually finished a minute or so which is great.

            So with humble hat in hand, I must now report that all is well and the product gets its five star rating back.

            Noting that eSignal dont support Vista as yet and that Vista itself is a fiddly thing in relation to program management and callout control.