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Error message on shutdown

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  • Error message on shutdown

    Has anyone experienced the problem I am having? When I go to shut down E-signal I get error message saying the paremeter is incorrect when it asks If I wish to save the page. If I click no all my charts are gone when I reopen and I have to get them from saved files . This is rather annoying because I do my own wave counts and must constantly save my work by sending image to my folder. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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    I've only seen this a couple of times. And it was related to different things.

    The first time was when creating an page in a newer version of eSignal and then rolling back to an older version and trying to access that same page. The resolution was to create a new page/layout.

    The other was with EFS files. I don't know if you're using then but if you are try removing them and closing... See if you continue to get the error refer to the solution above. If not you'll need to check the code in the EFS.


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      Error message

      The parameter is incorrect ! I get this error message at least 3-4 time a month. It refuses to allow me to save chart views . I do my own wave counts and this is really getting frustrating can anyone tell me what this error message is and how to avoid it? To constantly have to rebuild charts is time consuming.