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  • MA differences...

    Myself and two other friends are checking a 5 MA of the OPEN and CLOSE (Exponential) and are getting different numbers on all three systems (for the ES H3). The odd thing about this is we are all on the west coast and are all tracking the same chart in the same time frame.

    What I don't understand is how exactly the same averages on exactly the same chart can report three sets of completely different numbers??

    Matt or anyone, can you try this and let me know...

    The other thing we've checked is the chart itself and it appears we are getting different OPEN and CLOSE values for a 5 minute chart. All three of us are getting different values for the same 5 minute chart. I would appreciate it if anyone could attempt to help resolve this...

    Brad Matheny
    eSignal Solution Provider since 2000

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    Hello Brad,

    Either there is some kind of difference that is not evident between your setups or there is a server that is not in sync with other servers. In order to track this down, could you post a few examples (eg. screenshots), and also email or PM me your user name?

    Jay F.
    Product Manager
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