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    I receive bid/ask for this contract until 08:30AM. Then when the Dow opens ($INDU) I receive no data at all. Right now at 08:00AM i have bid/ask. Can this problem be corrected??

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    Hi Weisse,

    Thanks for the post. We've collected some screenshots of what you were describing.

    Basically prior to the open, many of the pit traded contracts are traded electronically either through the Globex or Access systems. Electronically traded contracts have the ability to display bid and ask quotes much more efficiently than pit session reporting. When the Regular Trading Session opens, these electronic systems are shifted to the open outcry method of trading where the bid and ask is not reported on a regular interval if reported at all.

    I'm including a screenshot from the opening of the Light Sweet Crude contract (CL X4). As you can see, prior to the open, the bid/ask is quite active. When the pit session begins, the bid/ask dissapears and only executed trades are reported.