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    I have figured out how to link cells in Excel to Esignal using DDE. If for example I want the last price of the FTSE 100 then I type in........


    What I would like to know is how to link a data request formula to another cell?

    For example, in my spreadsheet, cell A1 contains....


    Therefore it would be reasonable to presume that if in cell B2, I type the formula......


    then one would assume this would work, but it does not.

    Is it possible to do this? If so can anyone enlighten me?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    If you leave cell A1 as simply $UKX-FTSE and then reference A1 in another cell, it won't return a value since $UKX-FTSE is unidentified.

    You need to start with a working DDE link, then reference it. In other words, put =WINROS|LAST!'$ukx-ftse' in cell B1. Now, in C1 simply enter =B1

    B1 will update as an active DDE link and C1 will simply mirror what's happening in B1. For more on DDE links, please see Article 1421.

    If you need some more help customizing Excel, you might want to check out Microsoft's documentation on Excel or you can contact our main DDE partner, FinTools.

    Hope that helps.

    Scott Johnson
    eSignal Support
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