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Missing ZB futures data for 4/24/03

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  • MichaelA

    I have checked 15, 30 & 60 minute intervals for ZB and I am showing data for 04/24/2003. Like Alexis recommended please eSignal and the TurboFeed Data Manager. The server you are connected to may be missing this data and most likely you connect to another server.

    If this does not work try opening a new chart and see if the data is available. The current chart may be corrupt and this could be also a reason the data is not displayed.

    Finally, if you are viewing this data in another program please check in eSignal to see if this data is available. If it is please contact the vendor of the third party software for further assistance.

    Thank you,


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  • ACM
    As far as I can see the data is there (see attached image of 10 min ZM M3).
    You may want to close eSignal and Data Manager and restart them.
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  • wavetrader
    started a topic Missing ZB futures data for 4/24/03

    Missing ZB futures data for 4/24/03

    I'm missing all the data for 4/24/03 for ZB (electronic T-Bond) on all timeframes.

    Can you fix this ASAP???

    All indicators are keying off the price, and if it's not quite right, I'm afraid I'm getting a wrng reading from my indicators.