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Elite Trader Import: "eSignal... new big fault"

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  • Elite Trader Import: "eSignal... new big fault"


    We have looked at the data issues you are referring to in your post.

    FP-PAR had a dividend payment on the 18th of May accompanied by a share split of 1:4. Historical charts were adjusted accordingly. Please note that we are currently not adjusting intraday charts - this applies to all instruments, therefore, also to $NO0000000021-OSL which had a 1:4 split on the 21st of April 2006. New technology should allow us to adjust intraday charts for corporate actions in the future, and we hope that development of new features and software goes as planned.

    The bad ticks for $NO0007035327-OSL and $IBC-MAC have been brought to the attention of the department in charge and should be deleted shortly.
    We suggest that you report bad ticks using the appropriate link, so the department in charge can correct them at earliest convenience. To access the link, please select "Customer Support --> Report a Bad Tick" on the eSignal menu bar.
    Please note that you can instantly correct bad ticks by right clicking on the chart, select Tools --> Bar Editor. Alternatively, values above or below a certain percentage range comparing to the previous bar can be filtered by using Tools --> Price Filtering.

    Whilst we strongly believe that our data is reliable and accurate, we realise that small errors can occur. All reports of bad data through the bad tick reporter are welcomed, and help us to improve quality. Your collaboration with this is highly appreciated.

    Vivendi changed ticker to VIV-PAR on the 25th of April. Historical data has been added from the previous symbol EX-PAR, but intraday charts can currently not be adjusted. I here refer to the planned developments which should allow us to merge intraday data too.

    The bad ticks on GE Z6 are currently still been investigated. As soon as we have further information, we will update this post.

    Thank you for your custom.