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CONFUSED : How is Symbol count in DataManager defined ???

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  • CONFUSED : How is Symbol count in DataManager defined ???

    First read this thread :

    Assume this service : The 500 subscription esignal service.

    What is the corrrect defintion OF CHARGEABLE symbols with the 500 symbol service for advance charts ? For example if I have 500 stocks and two FREE $INDU and $COMPQ, thats 502 symbols. QUESTION is this breaching the subscription limit.
    I ask again as I am getting different answers from ESIGNAL staff.

    I NEED to Know the correct policy.

    Please advise, please check with senior management as I need a definitive answer !!


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    Hi Digs,

    It's the same answer as I gave on the other thread. The DM has no idea what you pay for or get "free" if you will. If the DM thinks it's a valid symbol, it counts against the pre-set limit.

    I can't imagine what other answers you are getting but if you want to elaborate on the situation that's causing the confusion for you, I'll be happy to review it.

    BTW, I am in Senior Management

    Scott Johnson
    VP, Client Services


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      Is $INDU a chargeable symbol, if so its included, if not then it should not be included in the count.

      It is my understanding that $INDU is free to all esignal the data is free to ESIGNAL...

      Please advise


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        I think I understand the confusion. Indicies, like $INDU or $TVOL, are included in the base subscription rate in most eSignal subscription packages. Perhaps some users have interpreted that as free since they don't have a specific fee attached to them.

        They certainly are not free from our standpoint as we incur the cost of managing and distributing the data across our network.

        Hope that helps.



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          So your saying $INDU is included in the symbol count definition and Esignal subscription 500 symbol deal....

          So $INDU and 499 stocks meets the 500 symbol count correctly...

          Please confirm


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            Yep. If you choose to insert $INDU into the eSignal DM, it counts as 1 symbol against your limit of 500.



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              Another Question ....

              If on the same PC I have Qcollector PRo updating data for 500 symbols to Asccii files and I open Esignal Adv Charts and view a chart for a symbol which is also within the QCollector Pro update run, does the symbol count as ONE or TWO in the datamanager. That is the data for one symbol is being used twice by different softwares on the same PC ??

              Please advise...


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                While I can't speak for how QCollector specifically works, I do know the DM is counting unique symbols. For ex, you can put in IBM 20 times in a quote window and it only counts as 1 symbol. You could also open up Excel and create a DDE link for IBM and it still counts as just 1.



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                  thx for help, thats the answer I wanted

                  Cheers , have a nice day !!!


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                    Glad to help.



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                      I created an Excel app that loads DDe links onto 1 Excel sheet. They are option quotes totaling about30-40 per stock. Thru Visual Basic, I populate cell a1 with winros|last|ibm ab( which is an option symbol) , cell a2 with winros|bid|ibm ab , then cell 3 with another symbol,etc. I then save it to a file and sever the dde links by clearing the cells. I then proceed to load another set of 30-40 symbols for the next stock and so on... problem is at the 4th or 5th stock I get the "Excceded 500 symbos message" I go to data manager and it seems that the old symbols I requested were not flushed out which explains why I got to 500 real fast. I always thought that if I stop requesting data by clearing old DDE links that the symbols will be flushed out of Data manager. Is there a way I can do this>? Thanks


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                        I've been looking into this but unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a way to clear that symbol count via DDE. You can do this via our ActiveX tools but that's a seperate service.