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Lagging tick charts during news events

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  • Lagging tick charts during news events

    I have noticed that when trading the EURUSD or any FX pair for that matter using tick charts that the chart lags behind IB and FXCM quotes by quit a bit (as much as 10 pips at times) this lag seems to last at least 30 mins post a high importance news event.

    Is there a setting I should be looking at to correct this? My IB and FXCM quotes are spot on and in sync but the Esignal chart is way behind making it impossible to trade, as I said this usually corrects after about 30mins post event release.

    This is a major problem for me, and very unfortunate because I really like everything else about Esignal but this issue will drive me to a different vendor if not corrected.

    By the way I'm using the EURUSD@FXCM A0-FX feed.



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    wow 70 views and not one response to this important issue, Esignal charges a premium for their software and datafeed, the least we can expect is actual charts with no lag...

    Not good.