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Exported ASCII data is wrong (in some cases)..

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  • Exported ASCII data is wrong (in some cases)..


    I have received (and whitnessed) report that exported ASCII data for some instruments is incorrect. For example, WHEAT..

    The data is reported 3090 for 309 and 0-1/4 and 3092 for 309 and 1/4.

    When exporting the data, there are no decimal placements and the number is reported as 3092 which is not even close to 309.25.

    This should be a problem for any chart not in a DECIMAL format (coffee, sugar....)....

    Please take a look at this for me and get back to me.

    Brad Matheny
    eSignal Solution Provider since 2000

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    Re: Reply to post 'Exported ASCII data is wrong (in some cases)..'

    The data itself is not incorrect. 3092 is 309 and 2/8ths
    It is the same as with treasuries where eSignal reports the nn/32nd (in the case of Bonds)
    or the nn/32nd and a half (in case of 10yr Notes). 116135 for the Notes means 116 13/32 and a half
    FWIW this is the same convention used by the CBOT. (see image below)

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      I agree....


      how can 2322 = 232.25..??

      The question is that a conversion needs to be done in order to make this data functional..

      It would be ideal if this conversion took place within the export process.

      One of my clients is trying to export data from esignal into my stand-alone application for use, but the data is all messed up. As I'm not a data service (and don't intend to compete as one), I rely on accurate data. The old "garbage in, garbage out" rule applies here.

      Another question for you....

      the OFFSET in getValue should be a negative or positive value.?? I'm trying to anchor graphics to a time in the past and have been passing a NEGATIVE value to the OFFSET of getValue, but the graphics are not fixed. They dissapear after I reach my limit (of 5 lines). So, what is the solution?

      I want to pass a unique tag to each instance of the line...

      Brad Matheny
      eSignal Solution Provider since 2000


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        I don't necessarily disagree with you, I was just saying that the data is correct as it reflects the convention used by the exchange(s).
        You have the same issue with exporting ES or NQ data directly from a chart as even in those cases there is no decimal.

        My suggestion is to use a proper data downloader the likes of Qcollector. That will download in both ascii and metastock formats and with fractions in the appropriate format (metastock for example uses a carat to identify fractions hence 232.25 would be 232^2. whereas ascii format would be saved as 232.25).
        Qcollector will also append data to existing files and works with end of day data and in real time. It can be set to update every n seconds and has a lot of other features that are useful for those who want/need to maintain data on their computers
        If you want more information you (or your customer) can visit their site at

        As to the efs related question I am afraid you are asking the wrong person. Matt, Garth or Chris would be much more appropriate.



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          Thank you for your assistance. I really appreciate it.

          My client called me thinking I could resolve the export problem in esignal for him. I guess I'll have to wait for Matt to chime in...

          Best regards,

          Brad Matheny
          eSignal Solution Provider since 2000