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Where to find DDE sigtools.xla Excel addin

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  • Where to find DDE sigtools.xla Excel addin

    eSignal is currently selling an addon DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) for $10/mo. When trying to download the Excel addin macro Sigtool.xla it cannot be find anywhere.
    I know that Excel supports the DDE interface because I was using it lately but in order to use the eSignal DDE Excel must have the Excell Addin enabled.

    All the links from eSignal are invalid...

    Help will be appreciated. Tx.

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    Hello fafot,
    If you go to you can download and install Qlink. After it's downloaded and installed, you should be able to see 3 Add-ins in excel (File > Options > Add-ins): Active Application Add-ins: esrtd, Interactive Data RTD, Interactive Data RTD Ribbon AddIn.

    The only other key thing is that you have to be logged into the eSignal’s Data Manager which you may not be just by opening up eSignal’s application since it no longer needs the data manager to be used.

    A resource that I found helpful a few years back was:, which I used to build some tables of data to analyze, but it’s been a couple of years since I’ve done much with excel and I see now that the historic data isn’t loading…I get one day. Strange, I use to get whatever I wanted, maybe somebody changed something? Good luck! You’ll need it with eSignal’s world class documentation!!


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      Tx for your reply.

      The thing is that this is Qlink RTD. I am trying Qlink now but it is different to DDL that actually uses different formulas all together. It must have the sigtools.xla excel extension. At the time it was free and now eSignal is charging $10 pm for it, while they deleted completely from the internet the sigtools.xla.

      Here is an example of the DDE formula

      =winros|BID!'O:AAPL 20C300.00'
      This formula displays Bid for AAPL March 300 C option.

      I am starting to think now that this file was incorporated in old eSignal program from 2013.


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        After writing the last post I looked at my very old backup and found a eSignal version from... 2010. Installed it on the other PC and Bingo! The file is there BUT... it is a 32bit excel xla and it also requires 32bit eSignal... and Winros.exe program from the 32bit ver of eSignal.

        In other words, not much success...