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Problems installing New Esignal 12.4

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  • Problems installing New Esignal 12.4


    I had 11.3 and trying to upgrade to 12.4 and not succeeding. When I start it...I get "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into Drive E". If I say continue i get tons of issues.

    I have removed Dell software....I have reinstalled with deleting everything in registry....I have changed my firewall..etc......

    How can I solve this?

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    I have the same problem with eSignal 12.5. The message "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive E:" comes up twice, then eSignal starts normal. But I am missing the IB Broker plugin. It was checked to install, but I have just the eSignal paper trading in the broker manager.


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      You'll need to reinstall the application. Someplace along those features were not installed with everything else.


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        Hello Avery

        Thanks for your replay. I reinstalled eSignal. The drive message disappeared, but I have just the problem with the Broker plugin. I didn't made any changes during the installation process so that all the Broker plugins shoud be installed. I just find eSignal Paper Trade in the Borker Manager.
        Do I need the eSignal Signature instead of the Premier Product?

        Click image for larger version

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          Hi Habi,

          I'm sorry, but in July all Integrated Trading features were removed from clients in the EMEA regions. You should have received an email on this. If you have any question please feel free to give us a call and we can discuss your options.


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            Hello Administrator.

            I have the same issue any brokers listed in the drop down menu.
            'all Integrated Trading features were removed from clients in the EMEA regions' ?

            I am from France does that means i am not allowed to trade the US markets and any markets at all ?

            I don't understand. (New regulations rules ??)

            Regards JK
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              Hi juju075,
              It does not mean you cannot trade the US Market. What the company has decided is that they will not support the Trading Integration via eSignal any longer in those regions. I'm not completely sure of the reasoning behind the decision. Once again I apologize for the inconvenience it has caused.

              eSignal Support