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    Have been experimenting with QLink.
    Works pretty well for Daily data.

    Now working on Historical Intraday data.

    Question. The time.... in the selection boxes for start and end times. Is that the Exchange time, or the computer time. In other words, suppose I am pulling an NYSE stock which starts trading for RTH at 9:30 EST. I am in the Central Time Zone. Do I put a start time of 8:30 in the box, or 9:30?

    Second question. Is there a limit to the number of rows that can be pulled?


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    Hello bigtee,

    Thanks for the feedback and glad to hear you like QLink.

    The time currently used in QLink is Eastern Time, however there is a bug that is offsetting the bars by 1 hour. We will have this corrected as well as adding an option of selecting the desired time zone in an upcoming release.

    We have a few other bugs to work out and we'll be able to release the next version of QLink soon.
    Jay F.
    Product Manager
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      Thanks Jay.

      I noticed that some days.... not all... the 9:30 am bar is missing, and the day starts at 10:30. This happens some of the days, but not all of the days. Is this what you were referring to with the bug that offsets the bars by one hour?

      Second, I noticed that sometimes the current day does not fill. For example, after the market closed today, about an hour later, I downloaded some 5 min data on SPY. Today's data was blank. Is this a known bug?

      Third, I requested 2000 5 min bars, but only got about a 1000 or so. But when I requested 2000 bars of 60 min data, I got almost, not quite, the normal 6 month history. Is this a known issue?

      Is there a list of known bugs so I don't report bugs you know about?

      Lastly, what is timetable for next version?