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  • last price at certain time and day

    hi so im trying to pull the last price at a certain time and day for a few different symbols. one being "ES 1!" im not sure how to go about it with the rtd i tryed the historical cell but couldnt get it to wrok. the reason i am using the "ES 1!" is since im pulling data larger then current contract back i dont wanna have to do each month contract seperately but it also doesnt seem like it will even take the "ES 1!" symbol for even the simple =esqoute() function. any help is appreciated thanks. i would also like to reference the time and day not actaully have it typed manually into the function so i can take advatage of drag/fill in excel.

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    The 1! symbols do not currently work in QLink. These symbols are resolved by the eSignal software and are not included in the data stream. I believe a future version of the QLink application will be able to use these symbols.
    Thank you,
    Eric O.
    eSignal Support