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QLink Ver 3.01.0100 available. Its Features?

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  • QLink Ver 3.01.0100 available. Its Features?


    I noticed that the QLink default download link has been updated with ver 3.01.0100.
    I was however wondering about:

    1. Could you please advise/ update a list of its features, considering that qlink 3.01.82 was 1.1 mb, whereas this version is 28 mb
    2. Does this version support Market Depth/ Level II overall open Bid/ Ask volumes? I saw some option of Bid/Ask 1,2,3, but since eSignal currently does not support Level II data for the market I am subscribed to, I am unable to check myself. Could you please advise?
    3. Does this version support pulling historical data using proxy?
    4. Is this version compatible with Excel 64 bit?
    5. Is this version compatible with the latest eSignal ver 11 DM or should we continue to use it with DM of eSignal ver 10?

    Finally, is it possible to send out emails to all your subscribers subscribed to a particular product/ data service as and when an update to the software/ service is available, else we might miss out on updates if we don't check your website regularly.


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    This update was done really quickly and although there is a big change in size there isn't a lot added in the way of features. This version is compatible with 64bit Excel though. Also the way Qlink connects has been improved a lot. This should take care of the data inaccuracies that clients were getting with the older version. This version should also be able to use the eSignal 11 DM without issue.

    The good news in all of this is that we are now able to develop for Qlink a lot faster than previously. We will have a way to notifying our clients when there is a new build coming out. Thank you for the message and questions. I hope this helps.
    Thank you,
    Eric O.
    eSignal Support


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      Eric, re: Qlink (RTD) with 64-bit Excel functions
      It has been while since I have updated my version 3.1.0100.0000. This version is working ok but is still slow sometimes on updating ES quotes. Have their been any recent updates? The reason that I am asking is that the eSignal download page shows a completely different version: (v3.01.0109)