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    The new Quotrek 2.0 Java is great, but it would even be better if:
    1) There would be more flexible font choices - especially ones that could get smaller than what you currently offer.
    2) Allow column width adjustement, in quote window and in news headlines window.
    3) Allow split screen, with top half showing quotes, and bottom showing news headlines, or a chart.
    4) Symbol entry needs to be made smoother. As of now, it is impossible to add a symbol to the bottom row. You have to enter it above the last symbol, since it only allows you to "insert" between existing symbols... If you could scroll cursor to one line below the last symbol, then it would be possible to "insert" the new symbol between the last stock and the blank space at the bottom....
    5) chart minutely intervals are too few. Add 2, 3, 4 minutes.
    6) Allow chart expansion and contraction, so that more data could be viewed on the screen.

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    All good suggestions. Thanks very much. We'll make sure these get to the Product Manager for QT.



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      1stly, I have been using Quotrek in one form or another on and off since 1992, and have used competing products. Many of my ideas have built up over that time.

      So, a few more issues:

      1) I had been using the native Sun Java environment on my HTC Tilt. It was with this that my fonts were annoingly big. I poked around on google and found your fileshare site with the IBM J9 applet for pocket pc's. I downloaded that, and the fonts are small enough for me at this time. That being said, it would still be nice to be able to choose font size by number, instead of just having S,M,L.

      2) Adding columns is very clumsy - you have to add them in reverse order, and there is no way to insert columns between 2 preexisting ones. This is very frustrating and makes the process very tedious.

      3) The IBM J9 is not compatible with my phone's left and right hard menu keys. While the J9's own on screen buttons make up for that, it is much more convenient to be able to thumb the device's keys.

      4) When will you include the ability to draw trendlines or support resistance lines on charts?

      5) It would be nice to have a feature that allows you to save a chart image and email it, or to email a news story.

      6) Will there be a times and sales feature? It would be great of that "split screen" feeature that I mentioned in my last post could have a T&S option as well...

      That's it for now