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  • Plug-in questions

    I have the TS200i plug-in 5156, which I know will not be updated past Windows XP. I have two questions.

    First, will the plug-in run in the Windows 7 XP mode?

    Second, will the plug-in run with the current version of eSignal? I am now running 10.3.1491.1162 (1/30/2009). Since I only use the data from eSignal and none of the "features," I have never upgraded for fear the plug-in would no longer be functional. However, I think there may be symbols of interest to me (6E in particular) that are not available with my current version and thus am interested in upgrading if practical.

    Thanks in advance.


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    The plugin is actually compatible with Vista -32bit and Windows 7-32bit (haven't tested it on 64bit versions). And yes, it is compatible with the latest versions of eSignal (10.6 and 11.0).


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      Nice to read that the Esignal plugin for Ts 2000i is actually compatible with Win7 32 bits.

      I am a long time esignal customer with TS2000i ( since year 2000)

      I would regret to be obliged to close my esignal subscription just because I am forced to move from Win XP pro to Xin 7 32 and 64 bits.

      But can you plkease help me to have this plugin working with Win 7 x32 , globaserver and Esignal 10.

      Until now since two days all I get is Connecting the shutdown every time

      Any light to help me with this ?

      Thanks in advance



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        Hi Phil,

        Try copying the dbcapi.dll file from the C:\Program Files\eSignal into the C:\Windows\System32 before launching the GlobalServer.

        Then launch it the GlobalServer as normal and try the plugin.

        Let me know the result.