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Dynamic Color MA w Dissimilar Interval Period

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  • Dynamic Color MA w Dissimilar Interval Period

    I am looking for a simple MA study which is sensitive to color changing based on slope that also has the option to select a dissimilar interval period from that of the chart. ie. to plot a 240 interval (4hr) EMA on a 1min chart that will change from green to red pending on the slope of the avg (green for up, red for down). I have one study that will plot dynamic color changing but is locked to the agg period of the chart and I have another that will plot dissimilar interval periods but does not have the option to do both. Has anyone slapped these two together (or has the coding ability to easily achieve this?) Included are each of the studies mentioned above. Thanks in advance.

    PS. I am brand new to Esignal - fresh off the boat from TOS.

    PPS. Also looking for a Camarilla Study in EFS that plots its pivots from the correct start and stop periods (ie. from open - to close, not on a count back basis as I have seen other EFS Cam studies plot

    PPPS. Double thanks in advance
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