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  • NYMEX Crude

    Are there any plans to fix the bad ticks that frequently occur on intraday Crude charts?

    As an example, yesterday's pit session high and low in Nov Crude were 50.20 and 48.40. However, the 5min chart attached shows highs above this at 50.30 and lows at 48.30. (The yellow lines on the chart are the daily high and low).

    The chart shown does have Tick Filtering enabled.

    These bad ticks at the high and low of the day happen very often on Nymex intraday charts.

    Thank you for your help on this matter.
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    Hi legend,

    Thanks for the post. The QA folks are in process of going through this contract now. If you happen to come across this sort of thing in the future, you can also use the Bad Tick Reporter to send it to us directly.

    eSignal also have the ability to filter erroneous data locally using the Bar Editor feature.

    The Bad Tick reporter is available through the Customer Service menu and the Bar Editor is available through the Tools menu. Thanks again for the report.