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No historic for Volume & Tick chart

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  • No historic for Volume & Tick chart

    I use to plot Future (with mn ,volume and tick interval)
    and since yesterday for YM# F and today for european futures
    --there's no historic for advanced chart plot with Volume and tick interval.
    Could you check this.
    Thank you

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    I am able to pull this data up ok (see below). You may have lost the connection to the Tick Server. I would suggest shutting down eSignal and the TurboFeed Data Manager, and restarting eSignal. If this does not fix the problem, please let me know what Time Template you are using.

    Jay F.
    Product Manager
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      Hi ,
      I have shut down the system and I reboot my pc and i have no historic.For example with AX M3-DT,200v I have only the daily cotation (the first one is at 09:07:20)


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        Please bring up the Turbo Feed Data Manager and click on Data, then Time. There should be a checkmark next to Synchronize Computer Clock. If not, please left click to put a checkmark. Click OK, then minimize the Data Manager. At this point, you may need to close and reopen the eSignal program to see any change. If you did not have a checkmark there, by putting one, you are telling your chart windows to read from your computer clock, which is the ideal way for eSignal to run.

        Hope this helps,
        Heather Holmes
        eSignal Technical Support