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cme daily charts errors

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  • cme daily charts errors

    From this morning i see errors in my CME futures charts, than i see 05/30 and 06/01 value on the same bar, why? this problem is present only on daily charts, not into intraday. can someone explain me why? (on eurex charts i've got no problem).

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    Please supply specific examples and clarify what you consider an "error".

    Scott Johnson
    eSignal Support
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      Re: cme daily charts errors

      Dear Scott J, I wrote:
      Originally posted by sharky1
      ..... than i see 05/30 and 06/01 value on the SAME bar , so I'm seeing from this mornign a UNIQUE bar for days 05/30 and 06/01
      Is for U' normal?
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        using a Daily chart of es #f, the bar that is including today's data is May 31 - no June 1 bar (and yes I have switched time frames in order to refresh the data after the open)


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          Christineesq & Sharky,

          The QA Team is currently working on this one. It seems to primarily affecting CME data. I don't have an ETA for when this will be pushed out, but as soon as more information is available, we will respond to this thread.


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            i see that now we have 2 bars, than individual bar for 5/31 and 6/1 but relative data are not true. I'm seeing data in daily charts and intraday and daily data are not good (i'm seeing JY #f, for example).