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eSignal VS Code Plugin Issues

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  • eSignal VS Code Plugin Issues

    Hi, I'm having issues with both the Intellisense and Launching / Debugging EFS scripts. (v0.26.0)

    For Intellisense:
    Using the command to install the types:
    eSignal: Download EFS Types

    I get the following error:
    Command 'eSignal: Download EFS Types' resulted in an error (command 'esignal.downloadTypes' not found)
    Documents/Interactive Data/Formulas/My Formulas/eSignalTypes/types.d.ts' not found."

    Found in Log (Extension Host)
    [2020-06-11 11:52:34.526] [exthost] [error] Activating extension eSignal.script-debugger failed due to an error:
    [2020-06-11 11:52:34.527] [exthost] [error] TypeError: Cannot read property 'call' of undefined

    I added the following statement to my currently open EFS, however it does not make a difference:
    /// <reference path="eSignalTypes/types.d.ts"/>

    For Launching / Debugging:
    I've created the launch configurations, eSignal is running with a chart open on a page.
    I then click the Start Debugging icon, it appears to run for a few seconds (shows debugging tools at top of screen) but then quits afterwards. I do not get the option to select the eSignal chart to insert the script as seen in the demo, and the breakpoints, callstack etc shows nothing

    eSignal v12.14
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    I am having a similar problem.

    Is anyone successfully using the debugger?

    Is there any documentation available aside from the 1 paragraph "quick start"?

    thank you
    Glen Demarco
    [email protected]


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      Appears to be fixed with extension version 0.30.1